Thursday, September 22, 2011

Teresa Margolles

Teresa Marolles' "Frontera" reflects on the dramatic scale of drug trafficking in Mexican society. The artist has used basic but very striking elements to create the works in "Frontera", and despite their minimalist style, they reveal great emotional depth and tragedy. The works go beyond the specific context that gave rise to them, with a universal value that explores our mechanisms of denial and the taboos still surrounding death and violence in contemporary society. The Museion exhibition features walls where executions took place, that the artist took down in Mexico and rebuilt in Bolzano—Muro Baleado (Culiacán), 2009, and Muro Ciudad Juárez, 2010—along with the works Plancha, 2010 and Cubo, 2010, a minimalist cube weighing a ton made out of iron from reinforced concrete taken from demolished buildings. The Bolzano exhibition will also be the first opportunity to see the filmed action Camiseta, created specially for "Frontera" and shot in the cities of Juarez, Kassel and Bolzano.'

seriously powerful. English transcript to the interview above here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mexico's Drug War, Feminized.

I recently read an article by Damien Cave for the New York Times about Mexico's drug war and specifically the involvement of women. These powerful photos above within the Ciudad Juárez prison are by Katie Orlinsky which really brought Caves words to life... super intense. Check out the slide show here.

Poses - Yolanda Dominguez

"Yolanda Domínguez is a Spanish artist who works from what is disquieting, handling situations that are sensitive and disturbing for the spectator. Her aim is to generate social criticism and a reaction." She definitely succeeds in her piece above called Poses. There is a sense of humor in the work that keeps me watching and waiting to see how people interact with these "models" that seem to have had mental breakdowns. But in the end the public gives them exactly what they've always wanted... they take pictures of them and give them plenty of attention. funny.

falling in

Oh Land- White Nights x CANADA

Love CANADA and all the music videos they direct

Tuesday, September 6, 2011