Friday, March 28, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mickalene Thomas

Symmetry and Color pallete of Wes Anderson's Films

A new video celebrating the composition style of director Wes Anderson is currently making the rounds on the Internet: a beautiful ode to the power of symmetry and Anderson’s ability to use it better than just about anybody in cinema.Petapixel
Designer Beth Mathews created the Wes Anderson Film Color Palette, a chart of the color treatments used in Anderson’s past six films.

The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad

Watch this all the way through...they are amazing back bend queens!

Lauren Satlowski

"Rich with associative qualities, the common figurine evokes connotations both personal and collective. In her work, Lauren Satlowski adopts the figurine as a cultural norm that can be dismantled and reconstructed. Satlowski’s paintings and objects aim to suspend the viewer in a state of uncertainty. Unable to reconcile their own attraction/repulsion toward the subject, viewers find themselves experiencing a cyclical interaction with the painted image or inanimate object." Wassermanprojects

Michelle Matson

  Michelle Matson is an artist from Bravo's 2011 reality TV show Work of Art-- but don't judge her solely on on that.  Her life size paper creations have an amazing sense of humor about them.  They are bizarre, vibrant, and most of all fun.  I really enjoy her work and style.