Saturday, August 31, 2013

Neil Sander

Neil Sander is an Australian animator.  Love these wild dancing gifs.


Blu was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He seems to have a more controversial political twist to this new piece- Argentinian Flag cover their eyes and mouths.  It has has provoked Argentinians to have extremely opposing views on the new mural.
"A number of Argentines have taken offense and interpreted Blu’s artwork as depicting the electorate as ‘blind followers’ following Cristina Fernandéz de Kirchner’s convincing presidential victory in October. Despite Blu pointing out that if you are not in Argentina you can change the color of the flag (in the mural) depending which country you are in, someone has still decided to deface the artwork."BA Street Art

Cosmo Sheldrake

sound captured through trip in Bulgaria. pretty cool.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Joao e Bebel Gilberto - Chega de saudade

Chega de saudade

Vai minha tristeza
E diz a ela
Que sem ela não pode ser
Diz-lhe numa prece
Que ela regresse
Por que eu não posso mais sofrer
Chega de saudade
A realidade
É que sem ela não há paz
Não há beleza
É só tristeza
E a melancolia
Que não sai de mim
Não sai de mim, não sai
Mas se ela voltar, se ela voltar
Que coisa linda, que coisa louca
Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar
Do que os beijinhos
Que eu darei na sua boca
Dentro dos meus braços
Os abraços
Hão de ser milhões de abraços
Apertado assim
Colado assim
Calado assim
Abraços e beijinhos
E carinhos sem ter fim
Que é pra acabar com esse negócio
De você viver sem mim
Não quero mais esse negócio
De você viver sem mim

That's enough longing for her

Go, my sadness, go
And tell her that
It's impossible without her.
Tell her, by a prayer,
To return
Because I can't be suffering any longer.
That's enough longing for her...
The truth is that
There is no peace without her
There is no beauty
There is only sadness
And melancholy
Which does not leave me
It does not leave me, it doesn't...
But if she comes back, if she comes back
How beautiful it will be and how crazy
Because there'll be less fishes down in the sea
Than there'll be kisses
Which I will give to her mouth
With you in my arms,
My embraces will be
Like a thousand
So tightly like this
So close like this
So silently like this
(I'll give) Hugs and little kisses
And endless caresses
So as to stop this thing about
You living away from me
I don't want any more of this thing about
You living away from me

How to Dance Properly to Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'

Sooooul Train.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hiwot Adilow

"I will not break my name so your lazy English can sleep it’s tongue on top."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

12 O'CLOCK BOYS trailer

Filmmaker Lotfy Nathan spent 3 years on the project, filming the wild antics of a notorious dirt bike gang known as the “12 O’Clock Boys”, in Baltimore. The gang’s name is a reference to wheeling the bike to the point you’re completely vertical.

Friday, August 9, 2013

FKA twigs - Water Me

There is something hypnotizing and eerie about this video...and she is so beautiful I can't stop watching.  "He told me I was too small. I told him water me"

MGMT- Your life is a lie

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Billboard that makes drinking water

Peru's University of Engineering and Technology has designed a billboard that creates clean drinking water from atmospheric humidity.

Honor the Treaties

"Honor The Treaties" from Reelhouse and Honor The Treaties. Directed By Eric Becker. Still photography by Aaron Huey. Mural art by Shepard Fairey. See an interactive map of the shrinking Oglala land over time here.