Monday, April 29, 2013

Mood Indigo- Michel Gondry

I posted a french trailer when it first came out.  Here is another trailer with subtitles.  Can't wait to see this!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wayne White

 "aw c'mon"
 "Buttered up and Dumbed down"
 "Enough hair on my ass to weave a navajo blanket"
 "fuck you"
 " No you c'mon"
 "summer home"
I just got finished watching Beauty is Embarassing, a movie about Wayne White and his life's work.  I've been wanting to see it forever and it just became instant on Netflix.  Definitely worth watching.



in the end...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Studio Bertjan Pot: Masks

Oh how I love these by designer Bertjan Pot! I love how you see he is really playing and exploring the material.  There is the sense that he tripped into this idea and went running.   It comes through that he is obviously having fun.  So much gun, it makes me start thinking about the fun I would have exploring masks- and what my masks would look like- or what kind of forms I would explore. so inspiring!

Devin Troy Strother

Devin Troy Strother is not only an interesting artist- he is funny and quite charming.  I say that after reading a couple interviews with him online. Every write up I have read so far comments on his titles all of which teeter between silly and serious - very much like his work.

 Picturing the straight-laced, uppity tiers of the art crowd asking for the price on "Yassmine Guuuurl Stop Staring at Yourself All Day, You Such A Vain Bitch" is a beautiful image, but there's more to the artist than his titles... 
 The art world's fascination with Strother's titles, however, reveals a disturbing fetishization of urban slang. "I feel like people are paying for my titles just as much as they are paying for my work," Strother told The Superslice. "It’s fucked up, it’s broken Ebonic English, it’s ghetto, packed and framed in a pristine manner, and that’s how people like it." HuffingtonPost

Andrea Wan

 I enjoy Andrea Wan's wacky little worlds where sloths run rampant, everyone who wants to gets to where burglar masks, and tents are the preferred place to lay ones head.

Tara Dougans

Tara Dougans' fashion inspired gifs. are pretty wild.  I love the black and white crying ones.  They make me want to turn some of my drawings into gifs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hot dog revenge


Los Carpinteros

Los Carpinteros is the collective group of three Cuban artists: Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes, Dagoberto Rodriguez Sanchez, and Alexandre Arrechea.  Within their body of work, their series of beds are my favorite.  They subvert their function and focus on them being heavy symbols of domesticity, sex, rest, life, death, and dreaming.  Each bed takes on a human emotional form.
Love this work.

Isabelle Wenzel

Isabelle Wenzel's work is so sculptural.  I look at her photography and want to make something three dimensional inspired by it.  I loved seeing the video above. I hadn't thought about the making of each photo there is an the element of performance involved in each piece.