Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker's work has an amazing sick twisted style that makes me laugh out loud. Before he started this new series of pencil drawings he worked in comedy and animation for South Park, MADtv, and Seinfeld. In a recent interview with Fecal Face he was asked:
Something I am always hearing in the art world is the phrase "one liners". Your work is definitely humorous, do you think the pieces transcend being "one liners"? What are your thoughts on the whole "one liner" issue?

Guilty as charged. But, I can also draw a straight philosophical line from Confucius to Rodney Dangerfield. I don't know how clarity got such a bum rap, but I personally get a kick out of the cable guy who can appreciate my work on his own terms, while the academic art critic can excavate further and appreciate it on theirs.