Friday, March 16, 2012

Toyin Odutola

Toyin Odutola's drawings are so beautiful.  Originally from Nigeria, she is currently at California College of the Arts (and Crafts) completing her MFA, but has already been picked up by a prominent galley in New York.
Her story is pretty amazing.  I read a Critic's Pick article in ARTnews explaining how she approached Hank Willis Thomas, an Alumni of CCA and asked him after his lecture to visit her studio. And he turned to her and flat out said "No."  Later feeling guilty for rejecting her he went to her studio when she wasn't there. Impressed by what he saw he sent images of her work to his gallerist, Jack Shainman.  She just had her fist solo show in NewYork at the Jack Shainman Gallery.  And her work now is selling for $3,200- $12,000!
That seems like a dream to me.  But it does speak of her courage- to be able to ask for time from an artist you admire is definitely ballsy- so I think she earned it.  It goes to show it never hurts to ask.
Check out her blog as well.