Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alejandro Cartagena

"A bridge is situated on a highway that goes from the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo — across the United States border in Laredo, Tex. — due south to Monterrey. In the early-morning hours last winter, Alejandro Cartagena stood there, pointing his lens down at the passing cars, like a distracted spy.
He was peeking into the backs of the pickup trucks, where construction workers pile together on their way to earn an honest living. His photo series, “Car Poolers,” is an effort to peer inside these tiny worlds that straddle public and private.
'When I started to take the pictures from that point of view, that just made a whole different thing open up, because there’s issues of intimacy or privacy being expressed in a public space,' said Mr. Cartagena, 35. 'There’s a sense of the invisibility of the reality of so many people in Mexico that is popping out because of the images.'" NYTimes