Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jenny Seville

Jenny Seville is a British artist, known for her larger than life nudes of women.  At the ripe age of 22 the very well known collector, Charles Saatchi, bought her whole senior show.  He then offered her an 18 month contract where he supported her while she made a whole new body of work for his gallery in London.  Her work was influenced by a time she spent in Ohio, when she received a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati.  She spent quite a bit of time looking at obese fleshy women in shopping malls. In the mid 90s she also spent hours watching plastic surgery operations in NewYork, which had an obvious effect on her work.
I was first introduced to her paintings when she was in the famous Sensation exhibit in New York. She has since deviated from strictly nude women to transgendered, trauma victims, deformity correction, and disease states.